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Admission Process

Apply by mail or in person

I. Download application for admission.

English and Spanish enrollment forms are available below. Please print out and fill out these forms, then send or deliver them to the admissions office. Parents will also need to fill out photo release, health information form, and home language survey forms, which are available here.

II. Send student records.

II. Send student records. Please fill out and submit to your child's current school the appropriate Request For Records Form in order to have report cards, standardized scores, and health records released to our Admission Office. The child's current school is asked to submit records directly to Covenant Keepers Charter School.

III. Admission Decision.

Applicants will be notified of an admission decision once the school confirms that there is an opening in the appropriate grade level.

IV. Orientation.

New students and their parents or legal guardians are asked to visit with a member of the Leadership Team for an orientation meeting. In most cases, the meeting will be scheduled in conjunction with the applicant’s enrollment process or test. The meeting will consist of reviewing the school supply list, checking enrollment documents for completion, signing of the student and parent compact, distribution of the student handbook, and a tour of the campus.

NOTE: Please be aware that all admission materials are considered the sole property of Covenant Keepers Charter School. These are considered confidential and cannot be shared with applicants or their families. This includes student records, teacher recommendations, and admission testing results.