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23 Aug 2011 need to include the do_settings_sections($sections-slug) method in the menu's. This is your problem, in your add_submenu_page() callback: The answers here may or may not apply; we still need to see the full code,  do_settings_sections() | Function | WordPress Developer Prints out all settings sections added to a particular settings page. Plugin – Custom settings won't save |

Making an Admin Options Page With the WordPress Settings

WordPress Settings API Tutorial » Otto on WordPress 3 Nov 2009 This needs to match the text we gave to the do_settings_sections function call. So the validation function not only makes sure that my options have valid Sometimes we only have one setting, and it would work well on  Fix for Crayon Syntax Highlighter WordPress Plugin and PHP

Providing Typography Options in Your WordPress Themes - Not only does this give more freedom to the end user, but if done correctly, it gives freedom to child theme developers to extend that given list to include any other fonts, which means that you, as the parent theme developer, shouldn’t even bother shipping your theme with over 200 web fonts available from Google. WordPress option page not showing submitting value WordPress option page not showing submitting value Wordpress PHP June 11, 2014 I have to create an option page using array in my wordpress theme. after submitting all fill up information removed while i am using SOLVED: debug email piping plugin for a support ticket theme

Writing Your First WordPress Plugin - Cloud Nine Apps 21 May 2018 In software world, many times we ask “what problem are you trying to solve?” I like to ask “what value are you trying to bring?” So, you see, not  GenerateWP Premium - Pro toolkit for modern WordPress It's time you stop using plugin-based solutions due to their unstable nature and tendency to expose security issues over time, as well as slow down your site 

It's not an easy feature to grasp. When working with polymorphism, you ask questions like:.. They aren't as clear cut because the problems are harder.

Comments are not the simplest part of WordPress theming, but I've managed to reduce it down to a small enough code block. First, we're setting functionality to prevent users from posting comments if you've set your settings to password protected comments (post_password_required()). Incorporating the Settings API in WordPress Themes – Page 4

Validation is the process by which we examine the data coming in from the options page – or, rather, the user input – and determine whether or not it's acceptable to save. Sanitization is the process by which we make sure that data coming out of the database is clean and properly formatted for rendering on the page.

Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. do_settings_sections not working in WordPress admin. I am using the WordPress Settings API to build an options page for my theme. I can't get the input elements to display in the admin. Function Reference/do settings sections « WordPress Codex Interested in functions, hooks, classes, or methods? Check out the new WordPress Code Reference! WordPress Settings API, Implementing Tabs On Custom Menu Page Problem 1: The Tabs are not working. All the fields are being displayed on both the tabs. Section 1, should be displayed on Tab One and Section 2 on Tab Two. Problem 2: Option 2 is not being saved. It was working fine before implementing tabs. Code: php - Wordpress Admin - Cannot see all pages - Stack Overflow For some reason, I've pushed a theme via Git to Wordpress and since then (I am not 100% sure if it's because of that) I cannot see all the pages anymore. I can access them on the front-end and get

Plugin – Custom settings won’t save | Thanks for your reply! It turns out there were two things wrong which I needed to fix. The first was that I needed to use the settings field and section functions but I also needed to add action="options.php" to the form tag to make sure the data was passed on correctly even though my plugin pages are on admin.php. Why are my values not matching my wordpress options? Why are my values not matching my wordpress options? I am working on the settings page for a plugin I am writing. There is a form field that let’s the user select which currency symbol they want to use when displaying prices.

8 May 2014 One of the most confusing aspects of working with WordPress is the In short, the do_settings_section isn't looking for the unique sections that  do_settings_sections (WordPress Function) 16 Oct 2019 Prints out all settings sections added to a particular settings page WordPress lookup for do_settings_sections, a WordPress Function. settings page redirects to options.php when i attempt to save When i remove the code for the social options it still doesnt work and yet it was working before i included that code. What could be the problem Making an Admin Options Page With the WordPress Settings 10 Mar 2015 In that article, I mentioned that I'm not a big fan of the default way you but not giant, problems with the other possible ways you can make.. Specifically, you'll need the settings_fields() and do_settings_sections() functions.

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